5 baking substitutes for commonly missing ingredients

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If a recipe particularly requires light or dark brown sugar, however you don’t have the suitable one, you'll be able to really make your individual from different elements within the pantry. Brown sugar is rather like white sugar, however with the addition of molasses. So, all it actually takes to make your individual brown sugar is white sugar, molasses, and a few multiplication abilities.

To make mild brown sugar, take the quantity of sugar the recipe requires and multiply it by 0.04. This can let you know the quantity of molasses wanted, and then you definately combine that with white sugar. This methodology is best when considering by way of weight. For instance, if a recipe requires 1 cup of sunshine brown sugar you would want to think about 1 cup as 16 tablespoons, or 48 teaspoons. Carry out the maths and you find yourself with about 2 teaspoons of molasses.

To make darkish brown sugar, use the identical methodology as above, however multiply the quantity of sugar by 0.07 and add that quantity of molasses.

When you don’t have molasses, it’s okay to easily use white sugar rather than brown, however you must add 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar or white vinegar for each cup of white sugar within the recipe.

Read more about brown sugar substitutions here.

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