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Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite. If you're desirous about putting in new countertops then it's good to know the variations between these three varieties of stone. Hopefully, you'll quickly be assured within the countertop that you just select.

Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite

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Earlier than evaluating the various kinds of stone, we're going to describe every kind of stone. Whereas there are different varieties of counter tops accessible like laminate and concrete, the three we'll talk about as we speak are fairly related. 

What Is Quartz?

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Quartz is an igneous rock that's oxygen and silicon atoms. Quartz counter tops are made with mined quartz. After the quartz is mined, it's crushed and combined with resin to create a stable floor.

The method is intriguing and has been for over 2000 years with quartz objects relationship again to 800-600 BC. Jewellery was one of many first issues made with quartz. 

What Is Granite?

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Granite is one other rock that's exhausting and igneous. The factor that few individuals notice is that granite is manufactured from quartz. You may have granite counter tops which are additionally quartz counter tops. However granite shouldn't be all the time quartz.

Granite varieties when magma under the Earth’s floor crystallizes, solidifies right into a crystal type, taking something it could possibly through the course of. This explains why granite isn’t the identical shade and why there's a totally different sample. 

What Is Marble?

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Marble is a metamorphic rock that has been remodeled over time with warmth and stress. Marble is a rock that was as soon as limestone. The limestone was put beneath intense stress and withstood intense warmth.

It got here out the opposite finish wanting lovely. Marble is the butterfly of rocks, which is simply another excuse why individuals find it irresistible a lot. However like the opposite two rocks, it has professionals and cons.

Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite Variations

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Quartz, marble, and granite have key variations that have to be outlined to be understood. Let’s break these variations down into classes to make them simple to filter by way of. Beginning with the most well-liked class. 

The highest precedence for one particular person is probably not the identical precedence that another person. However most owners agree that price is necessary. That’s why we determined that the price of every stone needs to be addressed first.

Price: Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite 

The price of the countertop you select might take priority over different elements. Price is the very first thing that most individuals contemplate once they decide one thing for his or her dwelling. Let’s take a look at the typical price of those three counter tops.

  • Quartz – $100 to $200 per sq. foot
  • Marble – $50 to $300 per sq. foot
  • Granite – $30 to $100 per sq. foot

Sturdiness: Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite 

Countertop sturdiness is prime. For readability, we're referring to how scratch-resistant the countertop is and the way lengthy it often lasts. So it’s time to interrupt down how sturdy every countertop is. 

  • Quartz – Quartz might be scratched and chipped but it surely’s unlikely that both of these items would occur. In case you drop a heavy pan on it, you might find yourself needing to restore it, however small scrapes don’t final.
  • Marble – Marble counter tops will scratch. They're certain to scratch as a result of it’s not simple to make use of a kitchen countertop with out being tough sooner or later. These counter tops are a luxurious. however not sensible. 
  • Granite – Granite is a sturdy materials that doesn't scratch simply. It’s necessary to reseal your granite counter tops each few years. In case you use them regularly, it's good to reseal them yearly.

Water-Resistance: Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite 

We is not going to classify water-resistance beneath sturdiness for just a few causes. Water-resistance is available in a can. It doesn't have an effect on how simple it's to scratch a countertop and harm it.

  • Quartz- Quartz is waterproof. The rationale for that is that it's made with resin that ensures it may be waterproof while you buy it. You don’t have to seal it with the identical kind of sealer. 
  • Marble- Marble is able to take in any liquid spilled onto it because of the porous floor. You will want to watch out to not spill on it and use a waterproof protecting overlaying to seal the counter tops.
  • Granite- Seal your granite counter tops. If the granite counter tops aren't sealed then water will take in into the pores. When the water is absorbed, it's going to break the counter tops over time. If sealed, few issues happen with liquids. 

Sustainability: Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite 

Sustainability is value mentioning. The phrase sustainability means, “the power to be maintained at a sure charge or stage.”. If the fabric shouldn't be accessible always, then it isn't sustainable. 

  • Quartz- Quartz is a inexperienced materials that has a protracted lifespan and is recyclable. These elements make quartz one of the sustainable countertop choices. 
  • Marble- Marble is sustainable. It isn't as long-lasting as quartz, however it's pure. Quartz is extra sustainable than marble however marble continues to be sustainable.
  • Granite- Granite is as sustainable as quartz. Actually, granite consists of quartz. Most corporations mine it with out disrupting the ecosystem.

Warmth-Resistance: Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite 

Warmth resistance can also be totally different than sturdiness. Within the kitchen, warmth resistance is related as a result of warmth is ever-present when cooking. However every countertop can solely deal with a certain quantity of warmth.

  • Quartz- Quartz is a stone that has seen its justifiable share of warmth. Quartz shouldn't get hotter than 180-degrees Fahrenheit. Keep away from putting scorching pans on quartz with out putting a chopping board beneath the pan.
  • Marble- Marble is heat-resistant and it additionally undergoes excessive warmth every time it's created in nature. It may get about twice as scorching as quartz earlier than it cracks.
  • Granite- Out of the three varieties of counter tops, granite is probably the most heat-resistance. It may stand up to over 500-degrees earlier than it begins to crack. Nothing within the kitchen will get that scorching besides the broiler. 

Set up: Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite 

In case you can set up one kind of stone countertop, you received’t have an issue putting in the others. The distinction is within the chopping. Cutting holes for the sink and smoothing down edges varies. Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at putting in every kind of countertop.

  • Quartz-  Quartz produces quite a lot of mud when reduce. That is one thing to notice as it is best to put on goggles and a masks. Use a moist noticed with a diamond plate and be prepared to shine it.
  • Marble- Marble is less complicated to chop than quartz as a result of it's extra compact, however it's heavier. There may be much less mud and it really works with you after you're midway by way of. Reduce moist simply the identical as quartz and take issues gradual.
  • Granite- Identical to with the opposite two, it is best to reduce moist with a diamond blade. Chopping granite is like chopping quartz. Granite is way lighter than marble, which is troublesome to maneuver.

Versatility: Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite 

Versatility is necessary for many who need to let their inventive juices move and make a press release. If creativity is your precedence, then it's good to know the way versatile every kind of countertop might be.

  • Quartz- True quartz is white or at the very least has a white background. You should purchase coloured quartz in a wide range of pure colours however most of them are white, gray, or cream. 
  • Marble- There are lots of pure marble colours. Carrera Marble is a well-liked dream alternative. Others embrace pink, crimson, brown, white, cream, and inexperienced. You might discover that marble is available in most colours.
  • Granite- Granite has the most important number of pure colours as a result of granite is a combination of stone. Blue Bahia is without doubt one of the most lovely selections however it's costly. You may get granite in any shade.

Quartz, Marble, And Granite FAQsView in gallery

Quartz, Marble, And Granite FAQs

In case you nonetheless have questions concerning stone counter tops, then these FAQs might handle any lingering questions you could have.

How Do You Spot Marble, Granite, And Quartz?

Telling the distinction between marble, granite, and quartz is probably not simple. The sample is the simplest solution to inform. Marble has a big, layered sample. Granite has a dense, speckled sample. Quartz seems to have one thing embedded into the stone.

Which Countertop Is The Finest?

There isn’t a “finest” countertop. There's a finest countertop for you. Look by way of the professionals and cons of every one. In case you discover a dealbreaker then take that choice out of the equation and begin over.

How Do You Clear Marble, Granite, And Quartz Counter tops?

Cleansing marble, granite, and quartz is simple. You should use a easy cleaner like vinegar. It's also possible to purchase a countertop cleaner that's protected to make use of. Keep away from chemical substances as they shouldn't be close to meals.

Can You Paint Counter tops?

You may paint some counter tops. You may paint over counter tops with particular non-toxic stone paint. After you paint them, use a transparent non-toxic sealer. However be happy to make use of the sealer to maintain the pure look of the stone.

Which Counter tops Can You Reduce?

You may reduce any kind of countertop. Some counter tops are simpler to chop than others. The toughest half is chopping the sink insert spot with out breaking the countertop. Be accustomed to the noticed you select and take a look at it on plywood. 

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