Chickpea Pasta: Nutrients, Benefits, and Recipes

For those who’re inquisitive about gluten-free pasta, chickpea pasta could also be on the prime of your listing.

It’s created from chickpea flour and generally just a few different components. Notably, these legumes could enhance digestive well being, decrease ldl cholesterol, and scale back your threat of coronary heart illness, sort 2 diabetes, and a few cancers (1).

As well as, consuming extra plant-based meals has been linked to quite a few well being advantages — and legumes and legume-based merchandise are sometimes a part of a wholesome plant-based food plan (2).

This text explains all you might want to find out about chickpea pasta, together with its vitamins and advantages, together with just a few recipes.

Chickpea pasta is created from chickpeas ground into a flour.

Some manufacturers use solely chickpea flour, whereas others add components like lentil flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, xanthan gum, and pea protein or starch.

It’s obtainable in a wide range of shapes, together with spaghetti, rotini, and penne.

It’s additionally a well-liked alternative for individuals who keep away from gluten. Most chickpea pastas are gluten-free, however it’s necessary to learn the label to substantiate. Folks with celiac illness or different gluten-related issues could have to keep away from gluten because of digestive issues and different signs (3, 4).

You'll be able to eat chickpea pasta instead of any wheat-based pasta. It may be served heat or chilly, as in a pasta salad.


Chickpea pasta is created from chickpea flour and is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Most varieties are gluten-free, making them appropriate for folks with gluten-related issues.

Chickpeas are an extremely nutritious legume, providing protein, carbs, fiber, antioxidants, and quite a few nutritional vitamins and minerals (5).

As such, chickpea pasta gives extra protein, fiber, and iron than white or complete wheat pasta (6).

This chart compares the vitamins in 2 ounces (57 grams) of dry chickpea, complete wheat, and white pasta (7, 8, 9).


Chickpea pasta is an effective supply of quite a few vitamins. It gives twice as a lot protein and considerably extra fiber than both complete wheat or white pasta.

Chickpea pasta shouldn't be a low carb meals. It incorporates roughly 32 grams of carbs per 2-ounce (57-gram) dry serving (7).

As such, it’s unsuitable for low carb or keto diets.

All the identical, its protein and fiber contents could reduce the impact that its carbs have on blood sugar by slowing your digestion and the speed at which sugar enters your bloodstream (10, 11, 12).

Though little or no analysis has particularly examined chickpea pasta, one older examine means that it has a smaller impact on blood sugar than white pasta. Subsequently, chickpea pasta could also be a good selection when you’re watching your blood sugar levels (13).


Chickpea pasta isn’t low in carbs, however it might not have as a lot of an impact on blood sugar as different excessive carb meals because of its fiber and protein content material.

Each older and newer analysis helps consuming extra plant-based meals, together with legumes like chickpeas, to help your general well being (2, 14, 15).

Could decrease your threat of coronary heart illness

Coronary heart illness is the main explanation for loss of life for adults in america (16).

Rising analysis exhibits that consuming chickpeas and different legumes could decrease your threat of this situation because of their content material of fiber and polyphenol plant compounds (1).

One examine in center aged males related consuming beans and legumes greater than 3 occasions per week with a 35% decrease threat of coronary heart illness, in contrast with those that didn’t eat these meals usually (17).

Moreover, swapping sure meals for legumes can also aid heart health. One examine exhibits that changing pink meat with legumes and different plant-based proteins could threat of coronary heart illness by 14% (18).

Could enhance blood sugar management

Sustaining wholesome blood sugar ranges could assist reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, in addition to associated problems like coronary heart illness and psychological dysfunction (19, 20).

Each fiber and protein assist sluggish digestion, in flip slowing the discharge of sugar into your bloodstream (10, 11, 12).

Chickpea pasta, together with different bean- and legume-based pastas, gives extra fiber and protein than each white and wheat pastas. Thus, it’s probably higher for blood sugar administration than different pastas (7, 8, 9).

As well as, older research recommend that consuming legumes and beans — particularly instead of refined grains — could enhance blood sugar management (21, 22, 23).

Could assist digestive well being

Each soluble and insoluble fiber support digestive well being. Chickpeas include each sorts however are an particularly good supply of soluble fiber (1, 24).

Soluble fiber attracts water and types a gel throughout digestion, which helps sluggish digestion. Insoluble fiber gives bulk within the stool and helps the stool transfer by way of your digestive system correctly (25).

Chickpeas additionally boast prebiotic fiber, which helps a healthy gut microbiome — or the gathering of micro organism in your digestive tract — by offering meals for the nice micro organism referred to as probiotics (26, 27).

Fiber-rich diets have been linked to a scale back threat of inflammatory bowel illness (IBD) and colorectal most cancers, in addition to common bowel actions and better digestive health (1, 27, 28, 29).

Chickpeas and different legumes have been proven to play an necessary function in digestive well being, and consuming chickpea pasta could provide comparable advantages to complete chickpeas because of its fiber content material (1).

Could show you how to preserve your weight

Chickpea pasta is full of fiber and protein, two vitamins that show you how to feel full for longer. They work by slowing digestion and the discharge of sugar into your bloodstream (10, 11, 12).

Research present that changing refined grains like white pasta with fiber- and protein-rich meals like complete grains and legumes could support urge for food regulation and lead you to eat much less general. In flip, these results could aid weight management (30, 31).

Changing white pasta with chickpea pasta can also show you how to replenish on much less meals and really feel fuller for longer.


Like different legumes, chickpeas could assist coronary heart well being, blood sugar administration, digestive well being, and weight administration. Chickpea pasta is one strategy to improve your legume consumption.

You'll be able to substitute chickpea pasta for wheat pasta in most recipes. It’s a good way to add protein to dishes that will in any other case be carb-heavy for a extra balanced meal.

Nevertheless, the feel might not be the identical. Chickpea pasta is a little bit softer when cooked than pasta created from white flour. Some manufacturers and shapes could have a barely grainy texture as properly.

When utilizing chickpea pasta instead of white pasta, observe completely different cooking occasions on the package deal. Chickpea and different legume-based pastas usually prepare dinner in much less time and should develop into mushy if overcooked.

Whereas it pairs properly with most sauces, chickpea pasta could style finest with heartier sauces like pesto and tomato-based sauces.

Add greens and recent herbs for a satisfying wholesome vegan or vegetarian meal.

Simple chickpea pasta recipes

Chickpea pasta is a wholesome different to white pasta, offering extra fiber, protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Plus, most sorts are appropriate for gluten-free diets.

Its fiber and protein could assist blood sugar administration, weight upkeep, digestive well being, and a decreased threat of quite a few well being circumstances.

You'll be able to simply prepare dinner this delicious pasta a lot as you'd wheat pasta. Pair it with a hearty sauce and healthy veggies for the very best taste and probably the most well being advantages.

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