Gordon Ramsay calls chef's full Scottish breakfast pizza including potato scone diseased

Gordon Ramsay branded a baked beans, tattie scone and haggis pizza 'diseased' after a Scots chef got here up with the concoction on-line.

And telly chef Gordon who's from Johnstone lapsed into his Scottish accent as he urged 'Proper wee man - name the physician.'

Chef Chris Batt confirmed off his 'full Scottish breakfast pizza' on Tik Tok and topped his dough with some tinned baked beans.

Subsequent up he added, sausages, smoked bacon, tattie scone cooked solely in butter and haggis and eggs.

He then added cheese.

Chris Batt added beans to pizza as Gordon Ramsay seems to be on

As he put it in to the massive pizza oven he stated: "Take a look at the state of this man. Take a look at this f***ing fantasic beast. i am gonna slice this up the now."

Seeing his 'lethal' creation, Hell's Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay and after agreeing that he wanted some dough he stated: 'Proper wee man."

Seeing the beans he stated: "Oh cease it, baked beans, critically?"

Sausages, dude, smoked bacon, tattie scones? Cease it, haggis. Oh you have misplaced the plot huge man. Eggs! Cheese!"

Gordon wasn't positive in regards to the breakfast pizza by Chris Batt

"Oh come on wee man." Significantly Are you the Scottish model of Gino d'Campo.

"Lethal? Yeah you are proper. No cease it. Take a look at that factor. Cease it not, You are not going to eat that. Wee man. It seems to be diseased. It is caught one thing."

Gordon Ramsay known as Chris Batt's creation diseased

"No no no, do not. Name the physician. Wee man nae nae nae."

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