Healthy Recipe: Potato-Free Carrot Latke

In case you love a crispy latke however might do with out the carbs in potatoes,
you’re going to like this potato-free carrot latke recipe. This dish may be
a celebration appetizer, a aspect dish or perhaps a important course alongside some recent

Potato-Free Carrot Latke

• 2 eggs
• 4 medium carrots
• ¼ cup of chickpea flour
• 1/3 cup of recent cilantro or parsley
• 1/3 cup of Parmesan cheese
• 1/3 cup of feta cheese
• 3 tablespoons of olive oil
• Elective garlic
• Elective onion, diced
• ½ cup of fat-free plain Greek yogurt
• 4 cups of arugula


  1. Peel and wash carrots, grate roughly and add to giant bowl.
  2. Add chickpea flower, parsley, eggs, cheese; then combine till mixed.
  3. If desired, add salt/pepper, garlic, or some other spice (like cumin).
  4. Add oil to pan on medium-high.
  5. Measure 1/4 cup and place in pan, combination is free, press down barely,
    cook dinner on both sides about 3 minutes.
  6. To make dip add spices and squeeze of lemon to yogurt.
  7. Combine 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil, squeeze of lemon to arugula.

Vegan/Paleo Choice:

Use vegan cheese & egg substitute

Dietary Info:
Energy: 208
Protein: 6g
Carbs: 15g
Sodium: 214mg
Potassium: 300mg
Calcium: 33mg

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