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Tofu can’t at all times be pinned right down to a single taste, which leaves its cook dinner with the necessity for an creativeness—and a few work forward. It’s a well-known element that soaks up all of laksa’s coconutty perfume, nevertheless it’s a time-honored staple of Buddhist temple food, too. But it’s additionally an inexpensive meat different that may evoke the consolation of fried hen or crumbled chorizo, prepared to soak up the spices, sauces, and flavors of no matter delicacies you’re incorporating it into.

Perusing the tofu aisle (or a grocery supply service drop-down menu) and all its various ranges of softness is the place the choose-your-own journey begins. Attain for delicate, custard-like silken tofu to make the same old suspects, like a warming, tingly pot of mapo tofu or kimchi-laden soondubu jiggae, or get away a blender and use it in like-minded soft desserts—suppose puddings, smoothies, and even a vegan crema catalana. Seeking to tofu’s by-products, lengthy, wrinkly tofu skins (or yuba) are a typical addition to Chinese language-style stews and have a bounce just like al dente pasta.

The denseness of agency and extra-firm tofus brings out a pleasantly chewy texture, very best for hearty stir-fries or a fast shallow-fry in scorching oil for a crunchy, golden exterior. For a lot of house cooks, drawing out extra moisture is step one to maximise crispiness, which could be achieved in various methods: dry the tofu with a number of paper towel squares underneath a heavy plate; freeze then defrost it to develop its cell partitions; soak it in salt water to coax out the moisture; or just let a tofu press do the give you the results you want.

From there, you may sear each plainly cut slab to golden brown perfection or score your block like a glazed ham to maximise the floor space of crispiness. (And, if you happen to have been questioning, you may apparently put your tofu in a waffle maker, too.) Ripped into craggy bits and lined in starch (like corn, tapioca, or potato), every bit advantages from an additional coating of crunch.


  • Scott Hocker’s adaptation of Fuchsia Dunlop’s fish-fragrant fried tofu makes use of the freeze-and-defrost method, leading to bouncy, absorbent tofu pockets with the essence of pickled chile in each chunk.
  • Cowl a block of agency tofu with miso, sake, and sugar to make misozuke, a fermented, cheese-like spread.
  • From a flavorful soy sauce marinade to a shiny banana ketchup glaze, Bettina Makalintal’s crispy glazed tofu does all of it.
  • Dive into the world of Asian Tofu by Andrea Nguyen, with in-depth recipes to make your individual.
  • With regards to vegan egg replacements, agency tofu can crumble for a scramble, whereas silken tofu can thicken pie fillings.
  • After blended silken tofu perfumed with citrus zest and warming spices will get an in a single day relaxation within the fridge, your vegan crema catalana is prepared for its caramelized sugar crust.
  • Whizzed in a blender or meals processor, Hetty McKinnon’s creamy tofu noodle recipe makes for a lush, 5 spice–heavy sauce that adheres to every strand.
  • Impressed by banana leaf–wrapped fish, Bryant Terry’s jerk tofu wrapped in collard greens is a flavor-packed celebration of the common-or-garden bean curd.

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