Weight loss story: “I had 7 egg white omelette for breakfast and did Dhyana Yoga to lose 66 kilos in 8 months”

My breakfast: 7 egg white omelette in 2 slices of entire wheat bread with spinach, tomatoes & mustard/100 gm Turkey breast deli model on 2 slices multigrain bread with tomatoes & mustard/2 items egg benedict with out hollandaise sauce on wheat bread with ham & spring onions.

My lunch: 3 giant bananas (180 gm every) or 3 Mangoes, 2 giant pears (230 gm every), 1 giant apple (200 gm every ), 1 giant orange/plums (240 gm every ) or 1 California roll Sushi or Turkey breast 6” subway sandwich, all veggies, no cheese & in dressing candy onion & mustard.

My dinner: Selfmade 800 gm bone-in entire tandoori rooster/rooster tikka/500 gm fish tikka, 6 cups leaf lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, orange, half avocado & 20 pcs oven baked lays chips.


400 gm (from restaurant) boneless Butter rooster (entire breast) with 2 slices brown bread OR

400 gm Dal (any do-it-yourself)with 2 slices bread OR

400 gm white Chole curry (homestyle) with 2 slices brown bread


350 gm Palak paneer with 1 slice brown bread OR

1 Masala Dosa with sambar & 1 Idli (From restaurant)


Subway Turkey Breast / Roasted Rooster Footlong , All Veggies , No Cheese , Avocado & in dressing Mustard & candy onion sauce plus 20 pcs Oven baked lays salted

Pre-workout meal: 1 giant orange carrot or cucumber, 15 pcs air dry walnuts or almonds

Publish- exercise meal: 6 entire egg whites boiled OR 250 ml no sugar banana milk shake or strawberry milk shake

I bask in (What you eat in your cheat days): Largely it is a 1 cheat meal & full relaxation. No exercise as properly. Half plate butter rooster & 1 laccha parantha & rooster tikka Or dal makhani or Rooster burger with 20 pcs french fries OR Kung Pao Rooster entire plate from restaurant.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Selfmade tandoori rooster with out yogurt however with all of the spices and utilizing 2 egg white to moisten the marination & I hold enjoying round with salads fusing it with indian kebabs or Tandoori gadgets

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