Why You Shouldn't Forget To Scrape The Bowl When Baking Cookies

If all of your cookies look completely different, however they got here from the identical batch, there is a good probability it is as a result of the dough wasn't blended correctly, which is often attributable to an un-scraped bowl. Per King Arthur Baking, this interprets to cookies with various ranges of unfold and an uneven distribution of mix-ins when you're making a recipe like chocolate chip cookies. In response to Serious Eats, this occurs as a result of it is primarily the butter and sugar that cling to the sides of the bowl. If you let a layer of butter and sugar construct up as a substitute of scraping as you go, you are stopping the 2 substances from being completely blended in. This leads to a streaky dough with concentrated chunks of butter and sugar.

What you need to do, Eat This, Not That says, is scrape the bowl after the addition of each ingredient. When all of the substances are added, take away the bowl from the stand mixer, and blend the remainder by hand till you have got a homogenized dough.

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