WWE superstar explains why he eats breakfast cereal after a workout

You would possibly need to add Rice Krispies to your buying listing

Breakfast cereal may not strike you because the healthiest of meals, however in the event you ask WWE celebrity Tommaso Ciampa, he'll let you know the stuff has been essential to serving to him get in form.

Take one have a look at Ciampa's Instagram account and it is awash with coaching footage. At first look, you'd assume you had been an expert bodybuilder, not a wrestler.

It is simple to see why.

Talking to JOE forward of the NXT Nice American Bash, Ciampa stated he has his coaching and diet monitored by bodybuilding coach AJ Sims, a.okay.a 'Cement Manufacturing unit'.


Ciampa trains and eats with the same degree of dedication and element to the most important names within the health trade.

Many years in the past, WWE superstars had just one aim after they hit the fitness center - to get as jacked and as huge as potential.

300 pound monsters had been the order of the day again within the Nineteen Eighties and 90s, however that is not fairly the case anymore. Much more thought goes into coaching and diet.

Superstars are athletes, in the beginning.

"Enchancment is the aim," Ciampa says about his personal exercise plan.

Accidents do happen in skilled wrestling, the place a excessive degree of influence is predicted every time you're taking to the ring.

Ciampa's coaching subsequently includes a combination of power, measurement and endurance work - not least the preventative measures equivalent to mobility drills.

The weekly exercise routine of a WWE celebrity

Ciampa admits his exercise routine is "insanely detailed", however says Mondays and Thursdays are his largest lifting days, primarily focussing on again and legs.

Heavy, compound workout routines are excessive on the agenda - squats, deadlifts and the like.

Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are for "accent lifts". As a substitute of focussing on energy-sapping compound lifts, these accent days as an alternative contain extra isolation workout routines designed to strengthen muscle tissues concerned within the greater lifts.

Right here is the place you will discover your typical bicep curl.

Ciampa trains for 60 to 90 minutes every day, including additional cardio within the run-up to pay-per-view occasions.

Why does a WWE celebrity eat a lot cereal?

After all, with a lot high-volume coaching, consuming enough grub is important.

Ciampa's weight loss plan resembles one thing you'd see World's Strongest Man opponents wolf down.

"My diet is so particular," he says. "It is six meals daily."

Requested why he wolfs down a lot breakfast cereal when its connotations are unhealthy, Ciampa stated:

"Inherently, not many meals are 'unhealthy' per se.

"I avoid most fried meals, however so far as carbs go, there is a time of day once you need these fast-digesting carbs that go to make use of in your muscle cells."

There are nonetheless guidelines, Ciampa says, even inside the realms of breakfast cereal.

"Rice Krispies are the primary within the sense that there is no fats in them. If I've the rest, like Fortunate Charms, I've to observe the fats serving."

The principle focus for Ciampa is on energy and their manipulation. His week includes:

  • Two high-calorie days
  • Three medium-calorie days
  • Two low-calorie days

The very best-calorie days see the 36-year-old put away wherever between 5-6,000 energy.

On today, Ciampa eats:

  • Breakfast bagels, with cream of rice and protein powder
  • A field of cereal after coaching with protein powder
  • Three meals observe, comprising jasmine rice with both floor turkey or hen
  • Meal six is mostly low carb, forward of a present, equivalent to an egg white protein pancake

NXT's Nice American Bash airs this Tuesday evening at 1am on BT Sport

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